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Cosmetic/Aesthetic Dentistry

Tooth Whitening & Advanced Whitening

Many people want to have a whiter brighter smile. There are many reasons why teeth discolour and we provide a range of teeth whitening procedures to treat these issues. Ageing and certain food and drinks are a common cause of teeth yellowing. To find out why your teeth have discoloured please come and see us for a consultation. Our clinicians will evaluate your teeth and discuss treatment options with you.

What can be achieved with Tooth whitening?

We have been whitening teeth successfully for 10 years. Our treatment programmes are designed to get predictable long lasting whitening that is maintains a white colour without suffering from sensitivity effects. We use the protocol that has been researched extensively over the last 20 years. Our results show that the treatment is safe effective and can be long lasting provided you maintain your beautiful smile with our comprehensive hygiene programmes. See what our patients say about the whitening treatment.

Which type of whitening is best for me?

There are several whitening treatments that are available. We will carry out a consultation to see which the best treatment for you.

Commonly asked questions about whitening

For more information feel free to contact us, however you may also wish to download the following document:

What to expect from whitening

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